Are you sitting comfortably?

The problem with a “desk job” is the effect on your health. Sitting at a desk all day for hours on end without a break is hard on your body, the NHS advise us to get up every 30 minutes for at least two minutes, but let’s be honest in reality when you are working to a tight deadline, or are engrossed in something that 2 minute break every 30 minutes is never going to happen.  

I’ve been doing some research on desk health and how to look after yourself whilst sitting down for 7 plus hours a day and I came across a wonderful lady called Kerrie-Anne Bradley who is a Pilates lover, Pilates teacher and owner of Pilates at your Desk – PAYD.  There really isn’t anything she doesn’t know about Pilates and now travels around London helping corporations and small businesses with their back issues. I had a chat with Kerrie-Anne about PAYD and here is what she had to tell me:

Tell me more about Pilates At Your Desk?

Pilates At Your Desk is all about getting people to move more during the day. It’s a toolkit of simple, effective exercises that you can do anywhere and at any time during the day. It is called Pilates At Your Desk because it is predominately aimed at those who sit and work at a computer for long periods during the day, but it is relevant for anyone who sits/uses technology etc.

We run workshops for businesses throughout London, hold events and post our daily tips and tricks on our Instagram account @pilatesatyourdesk.

Who is Pilates At Your Desk? 

PAYD was started by me, Kerrie-Anne Bradley. I am an ex-slouching economist turned Pilates teacher. I found Pilates because of a whole list of postural bad habits, which were very much linked to the way I was sitting at my desk on a daily basis. Although going to a weekly class didn’t solve my problems in themselves, what I found was that a few simple exercises each day, did have a positive impact.

I teach over 20 121s and duets in SW London every week and my clients really have benefited from similar simple moves. I decided it was time to spread the back love and so I started PAYD with the aim of doing exactly that. I really believe, and have seen, that more simple movement, sitting correctly and a greater awareness improves posture, mobility and strength. There’s so much we can do by ourselves without having to think too much about it.

Who is your typical client? 

For PAYD it is anyone who sits! But actually the workshops I have been running in London have predominately been at offices for people with desk-based jobs. I’ve covered many different industries including: media, market research, financial services, digital marketing, insurance, publishing and even a clothing range.

For my private clients I have three categories of clients: rehabilitation, wellbeing and postnatal. So that pretty much covers everyone too 🙂

What are your top 3 tips for staying healthy whilst sitting at your desk?

1. Make sure that you sit correctly: both feet flat on the floor, right angle at the knees, sit right up on your sit bones (the bones under your butt), have your ribs over your pelvis, your shoulders down and wide and your neck in line with your spine.

2. Get up every hour and move about.

3. Follow me on Instagram for exercises and daily inspo!

Kerrie-Anne runs workshops across London and is also available to come into the workplace to run lunchtime seminars. To get in touch with Kerrie-Anne please visit her website drop her an email or follow her on instagram @pilatesatyourdesk

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