Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most important ways to be seen by your potential clients. Even if you’re a B2B business and you don’t think there’s any value to your business being seen on social media, you should still be active and engaging with your followers in every possible place.

Despite social media being a major part of your marketing strategy, it can also be the most time consuming element.

Not only do you need to be constantly researching into the industry and posting content to draw customers in, you also should be engaging with your followers and fans, responding to comments and likes and generally being an active user. But that takes time and resource that you may not have. Let our team take the burden instead.

Find out more about my social media management services

Joanne Salmon VA can help create a social media strategy for you, whichever platforms your customers are using by creating relevant and engaging content to help turn them into loyal followers.

I can also interact with followers, send InMail messages to nurture new leads on LinkedIn and foster a more loyal following, using your business’s personality and values.