Financial Planning

Since having children and getting older I think more about  financial about security – life insurance, income protection, mortgage cover etc. etc. I met Charlotte at a networking event in London many months ago but it wasn’t until recently we came across each other again and realised that we live just a mile away from each other, on the beautiful Essex coast. We got together again recently as I wanted to speak to her about my pension.  While I was with her i asked her a few questions so I could share her advice on my blog.


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Are you sitting comfortably?

The problem with a “desk job” is the effect on your health. Sitting at a desk all day for hours on end without a break is hard on your body, the NHS advise us to get up every 30 minutes for at least two minutes, but let’s be honest in reality when you are working to a tight deadline, or are engrossed in something that 2 minute break every 30 minutes is never going to happen.  


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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Since starting my business as a Virtual Assistant (VA) I have had many people ask what a VA actually is, as it is still a fairly new concept.  With the ever changing world of technology lots of professionals are beginning to work on more of a freelance basis as consultants to their industry or setting up brand new businesses and are therefore working more flexibly either from home or from workspaces around the country.  However lots of people miss and lack that admin support that they got used to in their careers.  And that is where we come along…


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